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Driving from Singapore/Johor Bahru.

You need to drive to Johor Bahru and drive ahead until Kota Tinggi (approx. 1 hr) Tanjung Leman's jetty is located at Kota Tinggi town (about 45 minutes from Kota Tinggi). You may park your car at a secured parking space at Tanjung Leman at RM5/night.

If you go by air, you need to go to Senai's Airport at Johor Bahru. From the airport you need to get a public transportation to Sibu Island.

Ferry schedule
Ferry services Departure time
Tg Leman - Sibu Island 11.00 a.m
1.15 p.m
4.30 p.m
Sibu Island - Tg Leman 9.00 a.m
12.15 p.m
2.30 p.m


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