Redang Island boasts with white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, crystal clear waters and spectacular coral reefs. It’s everything that you hoped a tropical island would be and this idyllic place is less than an hour from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.

Most of the resorts on Redang Island are lined up along Pasir Panjang (Long Beach), arguably one of the best stretches of beach in all of Malaysia. A handful of other resorts are tucked away in private beach coves, the most impressive being Teluk Dalam (Deep Bay) where the Berjaya Beach Resort is located.

With excellent visibility and spectacular, easily accessible coral reefs, it is no wonder that Redang is hailed as a scuba diving and snorkelling paradise. Even right in front of the most popular beach, the rocks are home to various species of coral, reef sharks (harmless to humans) and moray eels. Redang and the surrounding islets were gazetted as a marine park in the early 90’s and human activity in the area is strictly controlled in order to protect the marine ecosystems.

Under the protected status, Redang has experienced a tourism boom and is a very popular weekend destination. Apart from the impressive diving, picturesque beaches (and beach parties), another thing that has contributed to Redang’s popularity in recent years is the hit Chinese comedy Summer Holiday that was shot on location here.

Redang Island has everything that you need for a fun island holiday – great beaches, warm tropical waters and plenty to do during the day and night time.

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