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You have to register at the Ranger Office for all the equipment and foods that you bring. You have to pay RM10/person for campsite and RM50 for deposit.

Some rules when you enter the Gunung Ledang is :

  1. You have to register at Ranger Office
  2. You have to bring back all the plastics and paper that you bring in. The Ranger will check all the things to make sure the number is correct. If not you will lose your deposit and you have to pay RM10 per item that you lose.
  3. You are not allowed to camp at Summit and decent through the Telekom Station Way

Campsite area :

1st campsite : Puteri Waterfall

From Ranger office you have to walk through the staircase about 20 minutes to reach here.

2nd campsite : Kolam Puteri (900ft)

It takes 25minutes to reach here from Puteri Waterfall.

3rd campsite : Kolam Gajah (2050ft)

It takes 50 minutes to 1hour to reach here from Kolam Gajah. Before you reach here you will cross a place name Kolam anak gajah. From Kloam anak gajah you have to use either twin fall trail or bukit semput trail to reach Kolam Gajah.

4th campsite : Sungai segitiga (2200ft)

From Klam Gajah to Sungai segitiga you will go through 2 hills and it will take about 1hour 30minutes to reach sungai segitiga. It’s easy to find the suitable place to build your tent here because the campsite area here is flat.

5th campsite : Botak hill

Botak hill is the last campsite before you reach at the summit. It’s the last area where you can find water point here. There is no water at the summit!. From here you will go through a place name `KFC’. The journey from Sungai segitiga is challenging where you have to go through a cave name gua kambing then steep cliff/ropes area and a stream. You can see bonsai trees on the way to botak hill.

ledangtrail_map_3_small.jpg (22301 bytes)

Mvc-448s.jpg (28046 bytes)
Kolam Gajah Campsite (CP4)

Mvc-450s.jpg (28807 bytes)
Sungai segitiga Campsite (CP5)

Mvc-482s.jpg (10446 bytes)
At the summit


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