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Things to see and do
Scuba diving and snorkelling | Visit a Sea Gypsy village | Other activities

It is undoubtedly the water around the island and not the island itself that is the main attraction of Mabul. For non-divers, Mabul will be a haven of relaxation and below are some tips for keeping busy when you need a distraction from just drinking in the scenery and serenity.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

When accomzmodation facilities closed down on Sipadan, many divers started using Mabul as their base to explore Sipadan’s underwater paradise ...

Visit a Sea Gypsy village

The footpath around the island takes you right through a local village. Around 2 000 people call this village, made up entirely of wooden huts built on stilts, home ...

Other activities

If you are not content with just swimming in the sea, Borneo Divers has a swimming pool with a sunken bar ...

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