Rawa Island would be a rocky, inaccessible islet in the South China Sea if it were not for its idyllic beach. Steep jungle clad slopes embrace the sweep of powdery white beach from behind and land meets water in smooth ripples of soft sand and gently lapping waves. At the far edges of the palm-dotted beach, jagged rocks lay strewn in the sea at the bottom of straight cliffs.

Remote island paradise does not have to be so remote after all. The swaying palms, heavenly beach and island breezes of Rawa are within four hours of Singapore and less than 45 minutes from Mersing on the mainland of peninsular Malaysia. Click here for the details of getting there.

The crown jewel of the Seribuat Archipelago, Rawa is a private island, fittingly owned by family of the Sultanate of Johor. The main resort on the island is Rawa Safaris, which has a wide selection of rooms that are tucked in the hillside, right on the beach or perched over the water on stilts. It is a popular weekend destination, particularly for expatriates residing in Singapore. Find your accommodation on Rawa here.

Rawa is a relaxing, easy-going getaway and most of its visitors spend their days sunbathing, napping in hammocks or cooling off in the clear turquoise water. You can read more about things to see and do on this tiny island here.
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